Shout Bridgend County

What do we do?


Our members want the very best for over 50s in Bridgend. We're pleased to work with local government, health providers and other organisations to help achieve this. Our members participate in consultations relating to the Bridgend area, Western Bay Health Board area and on national issues if they affect over 50s. Our Board members represent SHOUT and Bridgend over 50s on a number of working groups at a local and national level. Information is fed back to our members at our monthly meetings and through our Facebook page 'SHOUT Bridgend County' and twitter page @SHOUTBridgend.


Who are we?

SHOUT Bridgend is pleased to acknowledge the ongoing support of the following organisations:

  • Bridgend County Borough Council
  • Age Cymru
  • Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations
  • Hawthorn Accountancy

The Community Voice: Needs Must/Pan fo Angen portfolio of projects is funded by the Big Lottery Community Voice grant scheme. Its aim is to increase the voice of citizens and especially those most marginalised in local policy and planning processes. Consisting of seven Bridgend County Borough third sector projects, Bridgend Association of Voluntary Organisations is the lead organisation.

SHOUT is an independent, non party, non political group who want the best for over 50s in the area.

We get involved in local issues and make sure decision makers consider the needs of people over 50. There are lots of different ways you can get involved with us and have your voice heard.

You're very welcome to join us at one of the monthly meetings held across the county borough. See our Events for details. Our Facebook page 'SHOUT Bridgend County' also shows details of our meetings as does our twitter page @SHOUTBridgend.